“SOULutions” enables us to do what we love best – serve others selflessly while supporting those that are dedicated to enrich the lives of people that have been denied access to safe water and clean energy.  We celebrate and leverage our customer success by donating our profits and our talent to support projects with others that have lasting and life changing impacts on people around the world.

Safe Water    Warm Hearts    Clean Energy 

Enriching Impacts - Working Through Others

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Working with AWG Contracting as they deployed atmospheric water generation technology to produce and deliver water for the citizens of Vieques after Hurricane Maria. Atmospheric water generation technology creates water from the "air", is fully integrated with water treatment and storage capabilities and can be used where access to surface, ground or ocean water is not available. (

Mombin Crochu, Haiti

In the community of Mombin Crochu, Haiti, collecting water from the community "tap stand" is a daily process for many that takes up to several hours a day. The availability of "tap stand" water varies on a daily basis and often contains coliform and/or other potential contaminants. Alternative water sources available to the community include streams, rivers and shallow hand dug wells that are generally contaminated.  (

Agua Chiquita, Honduras

Working with Living Water International to drill and install a deep well to access "safe" water brings a smile to the children of Agua Chiquita, Honduras and joy to our hearts that brings real meaning to our highest goal. (

Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala

Children are most impacted by the absence of "safe, readily available water" in communities around the world. Sadly, many children are impacted by debilitating water borne diseases (e.g., dysentery, malaria and typhoid) that can be fatal. Others spend multiple hours daily collecting and hauling water for domestic use to support their families at the expense of receiving an education. Systems solutions to local water issues including deep wells and solar PV are one path to help resolve this challenge for their future. (

Flint, Michigan

Water produced using atmospheric water generation technology was provided to the citizens of Flint to support their personal domestic water needs. Access to "free safe water" still remains a concern to many in Flint after more than 5 years of national exposure to the impacts of lead on children in this community. (

Abaco, Bahamas

Reverse osmosis technology is used by Water Mission to produce water during relief operations for distribution across the island of Abaco and surrounding islands that were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Reverse osmosis combined with treatment removes salts and bacteria from ocean water and creates an endless supply of safe water for distribution across the island. (